We create big ideas for a connected world

We believe in big ideas that provoke, inspire and connect people. And, that the best ideas can be expressed in any medium or form.

Since 1994, we’ve been helping brands find their voices. As a team of idea generators, strategic thinkers and passionate problems solvers, we’re structured to meet the new sets of challenges facing brands today.

We’re proud to not simply be a South African agency in Durban – but a multi-faceted, African brand-building consultancy headquartered in South Africa’s only truly African city.

Problem solving is in our DNA

We’re 68 years younger than the first Hardy Boys book by Franklin W. Dixon based on the antics of two young boys with a penchant for solving mysteries. Like Frank and Joe, we’re problem solvers at heart.

It’s this philosophy that’s seen The Hardy Boys grow from a small, specialist design shop into a multidisciplinary, channel-neutral agency that’s helped find the answers to diverse brand and business challenges locally, in Africa and around the world.

We love the stories of the two brothers and their friends: a case, some clues and a drive to find the answers. And although we don’t use magnifying glasses or wrestle grizzly bears, we’ve certainly taken a page or two from Dixon’s books.